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When you alter your AC or heating system it may sometimes affect the durability of your air ducts or show up some problems that you may have not been aware of. Whether the affected ducts are in your home or office Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks is able to carry out the repairs in reasonable time and at a great rate.

If you notice the sound coming from your ducts have increased in volume or that there is a gust of dust coming out of it, you should contact a professional to assess the ducts, determine if there is a problem and carry out the subsequent repairs or replacement.

How do you check if your ducts need replacement?

Checking the ducts should be done yearly by an expert team. Determining whether you need your ducts replaced or not can be difficult for a homeowner without professional experience to determine. An examination will be carried out by Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks in order to determine if the ducts are altered. You can lose up to 40% of warm or cold air from the HVAC system if you have leaking air ducts.

When to Replace Ducts

If you believe you have found issues with your ducts do not hesitate. Call the experts. Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks will carry out a thorough examination of your ducts. They have great experience in duct replacement and will be upmost professional in their dealings with you. Environmental Ductworks will replace your ducts with efficiency if that’s the only issue you are concerned about. Through annual examinations, they will determine all the problems associated with your ducts and replace them when necessary.

Who to Call for Duct replacement in Thousand Oaks

Why use someone with limited or no experience when you can hire a professional? A team of experts in duct replacement is located near you. Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks can do duct replacement with great professionalism. This is because the team has the experience and knowledge which is necessary for carrying out this very complex process. Attempting to replace the ducts by yourself can result in further damage if you are not trained in this field, causing costly damage your own property. The process of replacing ducts includes crawling into tight spaces, such as high rooftops, or pulling out the insulation material that is now deteriorated.