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The performance of your dryer can be severely affected if its upkeep is not consistent, or if it’s frequently used. The clothes you have been trying to dry for hours will require more cycles, because the performance of your dryer is not the same as it was before. This strongly suggests that there might be a problem with your dryer vent. This problem is fixable though. It can be solved by cleaning your dryer vents.

Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks is a professional and qualified brand that can help with the maintenance and even the replacement of dryer Vents, in your home or business places.
How do you know when the dryer Vent needs cleaning?
Listed below are a few cases which may indicate a problem with your dryer and the need to retain cleaning services. For a consultation contact Evergreen of Thousand Oaks.

 * If the cycles take longer to complete
* If the dryer is getting more heated than normal
* Your energy bills have increased lately
* If there is an excessive build up of lint
* If after just one cycle of drying your clothes feel hotter than usual

Danger of Not Cleaning Dryer Vents

Not cleaning the dryer vent can easily turn it into a fire hazard. If the coils that are heated in the dryer come in contact with the lint that accumulated because of low maintenance, the heat from the coils may ignite the lint causing a fire that will endanger your entire family. The number of fires caused by dryers is increasing, and this makes the risk of fire a problem that must be taken seriously. If you live in Thousand Oaks, Evergreen is available to help you and your family maintain your dryer and protect against the risks of dryer fires. Make your home safer by calling Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks to check your vents and carry out the necessary repairs or cleaning.

Make sure to include cleaning your dryer vents as a part of your routine maintenance. If you are unable to include this activity, because you do not know how to do it or you want to ensure that it is done properly, contact Environmental Ductworks Thousand Oaks, and they will do the job for you. They offer expert service and experience in the area of dryer vent cleaning. The company will dispatch qualified workers to inspect and improve the safety of your home.

If you reside in Thousand Oaks and your dryer vent needs to be cleaned, contact the professionals. Do not risk a fire, nobody wants accidents.