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Attic Cleaning & Insulation Replacement

Everybody needs their attic cleaned, but not everyone can do it themselves. You won’t have to struggle with the job of peeling the insulation material that has worn out and then struggling with replacing it. If you reside in Thousand Oaks and need you attic cleaned or have your insulation replaced, you can call the experts at Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks.

Why Should you Clean your attic?

If it’s dirty, the obvious response is that it needs to be cleaned. The location, as well as the limited use of attics, can cause a great build up in dust. Oftentimes attics are also contaminated with litter and fecal matter from rodents. If you are unable to clean up such a mess by your own means you can hire professionals like Environmental Ductworks Thousand Oaks.

A dirty attic is a great attraction for rodents, who can cause the outbreak of many diseases which can result in a decline in your health. The team sent to your home or office will also search for existing holes that rats can penetrate and seal them to prevent further damage. Another hazard is deteriorated insulation material. You do not want to take the risk of developing mold in your attic. As a precaution and in an attempt to remove the risks you already have, you should call in the experts . Should you accept their services, your attic will be cleaned spotless by a team of experts who are insured and using the best equipment available.

Why Replace Home Insulation in Thousand Oaks?

You will need to replace the insulation if your house can’t keep cool anymore in the summer or if it’s not able to keep warm during winter. Upon monitoring your energy bills you may notice an increase in the cost. This is as a result of poor insulation, as it will force the HVAC system to push its limits and work harder than normally in an attempt to do its job.

 Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks will protect you from such exorbitant cost. The team will examine the installation that you currently have and follow the process of replacing the installation or just repairing it, based on what is necessary and to satisfy your requirements.
Environmental Ductworks will clean your attic thoroughly. They will have your attic looking and being immaculate in every way. The cleaning process used by the team will ensure that there will be no fecal matter or other contaminant left in your home or office. The main

goal of the company is to keep your home safe from further dangers. If you live in Thousand Oaks, don’t hesitate and call the professionals, Environmental Ductworks of Thousand Oaks.
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